Everything is object in Python (Mutable, Immutable…)

  • First, the data type in python are list, dictionary, tuple, string, int, float…all of these are object.
data types
  • How can i know what type are a data and how i can know his id in memory ?
  • Every data type can be really modified without being copied ?
Modifying a string
example mutable list
  • How python treat mutable and immutable object ?
Two immutable string
two mutable object
aliasing two mutable object
  • How python works with variables passed in argument of functions ?
  • Bonus : Range integer -5 to 257



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Thibaut Bernard

Thibaut Bernard

Software engineer student at HolbertonSchool 👉https://github.com/ThibautBernard 👉https://twitter.com/__ThibautDev