My first month at Holberton 🇫🇷

Thibaut Bernard
3 min readOct 3, 2020


The september 7th 2020, i entered at Holberton School with his virtual campus exclusively in France. After passed multiple technicals tests in August to test my motivation, knowledge..I have been selected to be apart of the first cohort in France.

Holberton works as a peer to peer learning model, his cursus is a 2 years cursus with the first year for the foundation of programmation(devOps, reverse engineering, algorithms, softs skills, low level ©, high level (python) and more) and the second year is for specialization (IA, Machine Learning, Full-Stack..). The cursus is only in English so you need to be good at understand English.

While your first year you will exercice your soft skills every week to increase your capability to communicate, speaking in public, learn to explain notions to beginner. You will also training every week to, your capability to excel in technical interview(explain your taught, white board…) to have the job that you dream, in the future.

This first month was really fascinating for me, i learned a lot, my expectations of the school was really satisfied, my technical background was only that i know Php and done the “piscine” of school 42 in Paris. But this first month, i have learn a lot, even the first week where i did devOps and scripting in shell, i understood why i needed to know that and when to use theses knowledges. I did it the past devops but i not liked it, but this time was different. After that i enter in the world of low level programming with the language C, i saw all the process of compilations in c(you can see my previous article about it), how works ram, functions, prototype, i practice for the first time reverse engineering (i loved it), a lot of algorithms…and to finish this month.. pointers, it may be hard to understand but the school give you informations to make sure you understand this (and can set-up live coding to help your cohort with one notions or something else) so yeah we really close to the staff of Holberton. The school make sure you understand and have you the perfect experiences of your cursus.

So yeah, this is my bilan for the first month at Holberton School in France, it surpassed all my expectation and was really fascinating. I can say now that, more the days passes more i love and enjoy programming. But you will need to work hard during your years at Holberton, the cursus is intensive, so make sure you ready.

If you are reading this and you hesitate to try Holberton, first, don’t hesitate, try and you will see after. Secondly, if i can give you tips, make sure to exercices you at algorithms and make sure you understand the basics of C (variable, loops!), it will help you a looot. In June, i did a lot of algorithms exercices on HackerRank and i can say now that helped me a lot to understand the logic.

So yeah, the cursus will be intense but i’m pretty sure you will love it.

If you have questions about Holberton, my experiences…I’m available on twitter in DM (@__ThibautDev), where i share also every day my experiences of the cursus.

Thanks to have listening to me.



Thibaut Bernard

Software engineer student at HolbertonSchool 👉 👉