Understand Object Oriented in Python (Pythonic way)

example of interaction between object
Public attribute
Protected attribute _ before his name
private attribute __before his name
public method
Method with parameters
instantiation of an object
Initialisation of an object
instance attribute
Create one class attribute and instance attribute
Instance of two dog without changing any attribute
Change value of class attribute
Change instance attribute
Initialize value to object labrador
added method yelling
Call method yelling
This will call the getter of the attribute age
Modify attribute with the setter




Software engineer student at HolbertonSchool 👉https://github.com/ThibautBernard 👉https://twitter.com/__ThibautDev

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Thibaut Bernard

Thibaut Bernard

Software engineer student at HolbertonSchool 👉https://github.com/ThibautBernard 👉https://twitter.com/__ThibautDev

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