What happens behind the hood when you enter something in your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla)?

What’s the meaning of the url you just entered in you favorite web brower ?

What’s the model OSI ?

  • Application
  • Presentation
  • Session
  • Transport
  • Network
  • Data link
  • Physical
  • Mister X want to send an email to Mister Y, Mister X write his email into hotmail.com and click to send. Hotmail will send the message to the application part with the protocol SMTP and will send datas to the presentation part. The presentation part will compress the data (email..) and will talk with session part where a communication will start. Then datas are send to the transport part, it will be segmented and transform into packets in the network part. After this process, packets are transform into trams with the data link part, then data link part send trams into the physical part which is transform trams into binary and be send with physical structures (cables, fiber..). And after that the response does the same thing but in the other way..

What happens in your web browser when you press enter ?

Web browser behind the hood
  • The user interface
  • The browser engine
  • The rendering engine
  • Networking
  • Javascript interpreter
  • UI backend
  • Data persistence/storage
  • The flow of the rendering engine
DOM tree example

The flow from you web browser into servers in a data-center

  • How are structured infrastructure ?
  • The process of the DNS
Physical firewall in front of the servers infrastructure



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