What happens behind the hood when you enter something in your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla)?

What’s the meaning of the url you just entered in you favorite web brower ?

The url (ex: https://www.holbertonschool.com) you enter means a lot of things in reality. To make it understandable, i’ll separate the url into pieces :

What’s the model OSI ?

OSI model stands for “Open Systems Interconnection Model”, is a conceptual model used to describe the functions of a networking system. This model has been created to make sure everyone has the same network system, it can be used to understand the network and to also debug this one. The OSI model has 7 parts into his schema of the networking system:


What happens in your web browser when you press enter ?

Before that, what’s the purpose of a web browser ? is a software used to locate, retrieve, display content on the World Wide Web, including images, videos, web pages… The web browser interact with a web server (a web server is a software as Apache/Nginx on a physical or virtual server that accept http/s requests to distribute web pages , commonly servers are in a data center, which is a place where there are a lot of servers in the same place ) and request informations from this one for a specific website enter by the user.

Web browser behind the hood
DOM tree example

The flow from you web browser into servers in a data-center

We saw an overview of how the network works and how the web browser process to render/retrieve a page but we haven’t seen all the specific steps it takes to reach the web server, all the infrastructure, dns, firewall, load balancer it might counter….

Physical firewall in front of the servers infrastructure



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